August 2019
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Statistical Measures

In the stats book that I used at college, A First Course in Probability (sixth ed) by Sheldon Ross, I found two problems that seem paradoxical when juxtaposed. Can you explain the opposite results?

Ch 2 Axioms of Probability, Self-Test Exercise #15.

Show that if for all , then .

Ch 5 Continuous Random Variables, […]

My New Ergodox

I’m writing this post using my new Ergodox keyboard, and having a hell of a time adapting to the lack of a slant between the rows of the keys! For example, I continue to hit the “x” key when I intend to hit “k”. I have also re-positioned some of the control keys, such as […]

First trip to Nicaragua

Due to unreasonably heavy traffic in Los Angeles (before the sun came up!) and a slow, cautious driver (my mother), we arrived at the airport after the designated check-in cutoff. I blame the government for subsidizing the car culture and for erecting a “security” barrier. So, upon arrival to the byzantine LAX, we immediately had […]


On Sunday, I went with some of my friends to enjoy a beer and celebrate Oktoberfest at Alpine Village. When I arrived I was dismayed to find the festivities closely guarded by a squadron of private security decked out in pressed uniform closely mimicking that of actual police. Their attire included gun at hip, a […]

Booze Poetry: Three Philosophers

Last night I drank a Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend (Quadrupel), and decided to write some more descriptive verse:

Tonight, I drank up the philosophy of my three Beligan friends. Throughout the night we opined strongly about the mysticism of our bubbling climate. The arguments flowed with intense flavor, penetrating deep into my consciousness. […]

Tricks of the Trade

Today, Howard Rheingold was searching for examples of clear posts in which to use as examples of online communication. One of the respondents identified a really good series set of descriptions answering the question, What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics? (Interestingly Terry Tau is referenced quite often.)

That reminded […]

Merovingian Neckwear

Somehow, I feel that I betray my cyberpunk heritage because I’ve recently found it entertaining to don extravagant neckwear. But, my recently conducted anthropological expedition has revealed evidence that I am in fact upholding a veritably geek tradition.


This past weekend, I made the trip up to Bakersfield. It took far longer than necessary to drive there because, even at midnight, the 5 is clogged with traffic. I went to attend the KernCue conference. Although, it focused exclusively on the K-12 system, and I’m focused at the college level, I still had quite […]

The Progress Phallus

My friend Ray runs numerical simulations and wanted to have a decent progress bar for his code. A bit of web searching revealed some code, that takes care of this automatically. However, we thought that an ordinary progress bar is simply too conventional. We should gay it up with some ascii art into a beautiful […]

Cool stuff to look at

Steve Yegge gave a nice talk at OSCON, What would you do with your own Google?, compelling us all to focus on math, stats, machine learning, and the understanding the core fundamentals. We should be working to make the world a better place! Use our knowledge of scaling and systems, to solve big, important problems […]