April 2018
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Your vote doesn’t count, but it does matter.

Under their current political system, the American chattel have a “civic duty” to voice their opinion about who they want as a representative. Every 4 years potential presidents spend billions on campaigns to excite the plebeians to “get out and vote!” to “make their voice heard!”. That money would certainly have more impact if spent […]

Notes: Problems with Libertarianism

David Friedman gave a talk Problems with Libertarianism: Hard Problems (and how to avoid them).

What rights do you have against a criminal? If your only right is to re-claim the stolen property, then at-worst the thief breaks even. To what extent can we meter out determent punishment. What’s the factor of retribution, why 2x? […]

Notes: Copyright

I once participated in a debate about copyright issues, taking the position that copyright is an illegitimate concept. I prepared the following notes prior to the debate.

Opening Points Historically founded on governmental systems of control Enforcement requires the interference in an otherwise free market Utilitarian arguments supporting copyright need to meet a burden of […]

Notes: International Students for Liberty Conference, Matt Zwolinski, How to Talk About Liberty Without Sounding Like a Jerk

Matt runs the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog. He started off with An Argument:

premise: Libertarianism is True observation: most people don’t belive that. conclude: They are either wrong and evil, or they have never heard of it. given people have heard of it. conclude: Most people are wrong. They either don’t know (stupid) or don’t […]

The Absence of Libertarian Countries

Salon has a rousing piece of claptrap provokingly titled The question libertarians just can’t answer. Fortunately, without building up any suspense (which would in this case be correlated with reader annoyance), the author, Michael Lind, comes right out with it:

Why are there no libertarian countries?

Associated with this question, which must be […]

Distributed Defense

Recently there has been much brouhaha about 3D printed weapons. Mostly these reactions have been media-generated. Cody Wilson, an enterprising young lad has, for the past year, been perfecting the technical artistry behind the manufacture of a working gun printed out of ABS plastic. Before take-down by the bureaucratic late-comer U.S. Department of State, Cody […]

Notes: The Social Contract

These are my notes from reading Rousseau’s The Social Contract for a libertarian book club meeting.

============================== Book 1. ——————————

Preamble. :quote: Born as I was, the citizen of a free state and member of its sovereign body, the very right to vote imposes on me the duty to instruct myself in public affairs, however […]

Let’s have more Billionaires

I’ve recently come across another missive from Thom Hartmann, that reveals a lack of firm economic grounding. The very title of the article, “Ayn Rand’s Gospel of Selfishness and Billionaire Empowerment is Plaguing America” and it’s subtitle “The United States and other independent governments around the world are crumbling while Ayn Rand’s billionaires are taking […]

Notes: Washington Economic Privilege

The following are notes concerning Peter Schweizer’s (author of “Throw them all out”) talk on the corrupting influence of politics, given at the Navigating the Politicized Economy Summit in San Diego.

Washington D.C. has been the fastest growing city, with per capita income higher than anywhere else in the U.S. In this system of crony […]

Anti-libertarian views

Because I get most of my world views from a self-chosen, selective subset of the internet, I’m exposed to a great deal of sycophantic thought. I don’t think it’s a large problem that I read only that which I agree with, because I consistently hear from everyday people and the mass media messages contrary to […]