Some Travel Tips

  1. Use the Ranger Roll
    This is the first step in compacting the clothes so they’ll fit in the luggage. When rolling them up, you can also plan for each day (socks, underwear, shirt) as its own roll! At the end of the day, be sure to roll them back up again so they’ll fit on the way home.
  2. Rubber Bands!
    For items that can’t keep their shape (such as a towel), you can hold the roll with a silicone rubber band.
  3. Vacuum Bags!
    Now place the rolls into a vacuum bag!
  4. Use a portable air pump!
    To reduce the size of the clothes and really cram more into your carry-on, take the air out of the bag with a travel size vacuum.
  5. The vacuum bags can double as a body pillow when inflated.
    I discovered that a medium sized vacuum bag fits nicely into a zippered queen sized pillow case. Now you have a place to rest your arm when laying on your side. Be careful with the pressure, as the vacuum bags are not designed to hold air and the ziploc seal may pop. A big air sac also does not work as a head pillow!