April 2018
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Bidding to establish Terms of a Contract

As a preliminary, I feel obligated to mention that writing a contract only protects yourself on paper. The real world has such complexity, and with innumerate contingencies, that any contract will fail to enumerate them all. Establishing an explicit contract often also cements distrust between parties, due to its impersonal nature. The contract just gives […]

My Career Forks

Over the past couple months, I’ve busied myself with finding offers of other employment. IMS (now Zodiac Inflight Innovations) has not given me the career growth that I initially anticipated. I find that, though they are getting better, management has been fairly schizophrenic. All the time chasing to put out fires and very little of […]

Idea: e-ink Poster

I’ve noticed that many companies are paying an enormous expense to have animated advertisements. They pay for huge billboard-sized signs bright enough to be seen during daylight. Previously, the hardware for this kind of thing was only affordable by sports arenas, which made money back on the investment with advertising to the captive game audience. […]

Notes: Bitcoin Exchange

Plan for an international fully electronic exchange.

* Objectives – eliminate latency arbitrage . secretize info All bids submitted cryptographically? with market clearing at fixed intervals (once a sec)? should depth be published? . publicize info Distributed clearing algorithm, every participant must coordinate clearing occurs according to logical time + in both cases it seems […]

Notes: Quantopian

The finance industry is very secretive. Not only about what they do (so to avoid strategy/capability leak to competitors) but also in who they are. Consequently it is difficult to get hired. The best strategy is to become well known first and they will recruit you. The industry’s biggest problem is finding and hiring […]

Reviewing and Creating Job Applications

Today, the EECS department sent out a mailer which advertises 2 open positions to the Intro to Programming course, which I am teaching. When I asked the department if they had funding for the positions, I included a description specifically drafted so that it could be copied into the advert. Unfortunately they did not pick […]

Apple and Advertising

In the beginning, Apple Computer was a hobby in Job’s garage, advertised through computer hobby magazines. Dedicated hackers were busy building their community, and Apple was one of the hobby friendly architectures. Key here is the small, but critical, start-up costs: advertisement in a targeted venue.

Can the same be done with education? That is, […]

Business as an Investment

I finished my reading of Mike Maloney’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, partially to get an idea of how he got started in the business of bullion. He’s actually had several businesses throughout his life, including one where he designed “stereo amplification electronics were selected as one of five permanent exhibits at the […]

Google Uprising

I had an interesting thought today as I was surfing the net about business culture and eXtreem Programming. I ran across a news item about Guido van Rossum finally finishing up a his first project since getting hired at Google.

Google has done very well as a web business because, not only do they […]