June 2023
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Debunking the Intrinsic Value Argument

I have to admit to having updated my mind about the “intrinsic value” argument that many people cite as a justification for treating gold as a money (vs paper currency). I’ve previously attempted to explain away this argument as a side-effect of other properties[Gold is Money] or to dismiss it as an unrelated feature[The Commodity […]

Notes: Bitcoin Exchange

Plan for an international fully electronic exchange.

* Objectives – eliminate latency arbitrage . secretize info All bids submitted cryptographically? with market clearing at fixed intervals (once a sec)? should depth be published? . publicize info Distributed clearing algorithm, every participant must coordinate clearing occurs according to logical time + in both cases it seems […]

Notes: Quantopian

The finance industry is very secretive. Not only about what they do (so to avoid strategy/capability leak to competitors) but also in who they are. Consequently it is difficult to get hired. The best strategy is to become well known first and they will recruit you. The industry’s biggest problem is finding and hiring […]

Physics of Wall Street

Yesterday I attended a book talk given by a young professor here in the Philosophy department, James Weatherall, promoting his a recent work, The Physics of Wall Street. James told a rousing good story concerning many famous characters. Each chapter of the book focuses on a different character (personality) that fields, from a mathematical discipline […]

What I want for Financial Planning software

My finances are currently not that complicated. But, I still want some infographics that depict my budget, expenditures, income, overall asset allocations, etc. I’m not entirely sure how each of these would appear. It might be possible to implement the budget diagram via a plugin architecture, where each represented account has it’s own code for […]

Born v. Greenspan

PBS Frontline has produced a show, The Warning which documents the CFTC’s attempt to introduce regulation to avoid a financial crisis brought about by the derivatives market. It cronicles how the three marketeers, Greenspan, Summers, and Rubin successfully shut Born down because the light she attempted to shed on this dark market threatened the solvency […]