October 2023
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High School Outcomes

The push for standards and metrics encourage High Schools to focus on delivery of content, to fulfill tests and other assessments. I propose an incremental change to the assessment of school so that it shall focus on development of the meta-cognitive processes that lead to personal and financial success in students, rather than deliver […]

Career Advice from a Successful Autistic

Autistics may be a rare breed, but it it pays off handsomely to try and understand the workings of their minds. In the same way that building and bridge design improves from failures more than successes, neurologists learn more about the brain from examination of breakage whether due to accidental imperfections and handicaps from genetic […]

The Mind Prison System

In a recent, in-depth, late night/early morning conversation with my friends, I received a maddening and tragic realization about the horror of the state education system. Now, I’m already fully aware of alternative methods of teaching, and the systemic critiques of John Taylor Gatto in his books “Weapons of Mass Instruction” and the “Underground History […]

Let’s have more Billionaires

I’ve recently come across another missive from Thom Hartmann, that reveals a lack of firm economic grounding. The very title of the article, “Ayn Rand’s Gospel of Selfishness and Billionaire Empowerment is Plaguing America” and it’s subtitle “The United States and other independent governments around the world are crumbling while Ayn Rand’s billionaires are taking […]

Notes: Getting a Job at a Research University

1 How to get a Job at a Research University (R1)

Original Creation Date Unknown, but around the time of […]

The Descent of Government

Over the past couple weeks I’ve run across two charts, which demonstrate beyond a shadow of doubt, that government meddling just does not change fundamental behavior. Although I only collect two charts here, I was thinking that some bright person with more time might be able to collect more such charts, and present a case […]

Personal Freedom

I’ve been dissatisfied with Ron Paul’s loss of the Republican Party ticket. I was hoping that this election cycle would finally be determined by the enthusiastic minority of libertarians. I was hoping that it would be the nomination which proved the internet is stronger than the mass media. Alas, I shall have to wait some […]

The Hyped Success of MOOCs

I tried to find an experience report written by one of the teachers, because I vaguely remember reading possibly reading one, but could not find any through google scholar. So, I don’t know about the logistics of running the course yet. How much time it takes to develop the materials and supporting technology, the best […]

Interesting articles of the week

Depression’s Upside by Jonah Lehrer, posits that ruminative thought may be an adaptive mechanism for a more realistic, attentive outlook conducive to working through social issues. Is Algebra Necessary? by Andrew Hacker, paints a depressing picture about 33% of american students, who are unable to pass high school because of mandatory algebra. He’s right […]

Notes: CSTA CS+IT Conference

Today I attended the 2012 ACM Computer Science and Information Technology Conference. It was focused heavily on the advocacy of teaching Computer Science material in the K-12 system.

I most liked the fact that every session I attended have some kind of interactive portion. Including trial activities, and Think-Pair-Share.

Think positively. Have your students relate […]