October 2023
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OpenHardware Keyboarding

Looks like some individuals have had nearly the same thoughts as I have on the state of keyboards. The progress looks good.

Key64 has some good prototype hardware. The keyboard is short on keys and compensates by having layers bound to modifier keys, which appear mostly on the thumbs! Recall that I wanted to make […]

The Chording Keyboard

In the past I wanted to have a keyboard, split between both hands, with keys in rows shaped according to how my fingers are able to move. It seems that, as far as recording human speech is concerned, syllable-based chording keyboards, as used by stenographers, are more efficient. I’m not fully convinced that it would […]

Decentralizing the Internet

It’s been around for awhile (since 2006), but I didn’t read about netsukuku until now. Apparently, in tech, all it takes is for one committed individual to dedicate a month or so to plan and implement some wonderful new system. Andrea Lo Pumo, has developed a new routing algorithm, ANDNA (A Netsukuku Domain Name Architecture), […]

Cognition and Linguistics

I see the study and development of computer languages as two sides of the same coin. A computer language should enable the programmer to express, clearly and concisely, an algorithmic intent. It should not burden the programmer with a particular model of computation, ex.

Cognition of Linguistics ————————–

In order that we express to […]

Keyboard Kraziness

Again, I spent far too much time looking at different keyboards. This time around, however, I can see that some people are progressing toward my latest ideal: The multi-touch surface with re-configurable keys. Mostly, I want to record all the cool things that I came across.

What’s wrong about what I currently have […]

Experience, CGO 2012

I attended CGO 2012. The speakers were universally boring, but the conversations that you have with other attendees can be quite interesting. For example, I have been thinking that the hodge-podge babel of languages that makes up web applications should be replaced with something more lispy. William Maddox, currently at Adobe, shares the same opinion […]

Tricks of the Trade

Today, Howard Rheingold was searching for examples of clear posts in which to use as examples of online communication. One of the respondents identified a really good series set of descriptions answering the question, What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics? (Interestingly Terry Tau is referenced quite often.)

That reminded […]

A Configurable Keyboard

Ideal Key Layout

For a long time, I have hated the layout on all keyboards I’ve ever laid hands on. It’s not just that I prefer Dvorak to Qwerty; it’s that the slanting of the rows causes an awkward bending of the left wrist, that the space key is far too large when you […]

Business as an Investment

I finished my reading of Mike Maloney’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, partially to get an idea of how he got started in the business of bullion. He’s actually had several businesses throughout his life, including one where he designed “stereo amplification electronics were selected as one of five permanent exhibits at the […]

Homoiconic Dichotomy and Interactive Publications

Both Linguistics and Computer Science have some concern about the difference between form and meaning. This difference is usually introduced in a syntax vs semantics lecture. I would like to show that it actually occurs in a wide variety of circumstances.

Form Meaning Domain Syntax Semantics Linguistics (grammars), Computer Science (Parsing) Language Thought Cognitive Science, […]