April 2018
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Bidding to establish Terms of a Contract

As a preliminary, I feel obligated to mention that writing a contract only protects yourself on paper. The real world has such complexity, and with innumerate contingencies, that any contract will fail to enumerate them all. Establishing an explicit contract often also cements distrust between parties, due to its impersonal nature. The contract just gives […]

Promised Properties

 Three weeks ago I started a new project that uses nodejs and which forced me to learn some asynchronous programming. I couldn’t quite manage to adapt.

Because this was server code that ties together other web services and my own database, many of the helper functions ended up having multiple asychronous steps. The lack […]

Notes: International Students for Liberty Conference, David Friedman, Problem of National Defense

Defense without Government ————— – government bad at doing things, esp complex things (ex: legal systems) am willing to accept government solution when alternative is worse – court and police aren’t complicated enough to require government – define National Defense as invasion defense from a neighbor nation – define Public Good as that where […]

Idea: e-ink Poster

I’ve noticed that many companies are paying an enormous expense to have animated advertisements. They pay for huge billboard-sized signs bright enough to be seen during daylight. Previously, the hardware for this kind of thing was only affordable by sports arenas, which made money back on the investment with advertising to the captive game audience. […]

Notes: Thorium Reactor

Uses desalinization electricity Liquid Salt Thorium is much safer passive safety with fluid fuel and low pressures can drain to a passive cooling area in case of problem More flexible high temp operation offer high conversion efficiency air cooling offers sitting away from water bodies Less costly low fuel preparation cost, no fabrication costs […]

Notes: Bitcoin Exchange

Plan for an international fully electronic exchange.

* Objectives – eliminate latency arbitrage . secretize info All bids submitted cryptographically? with market clearing at fixed intervals (once a sec)? should depth be published? . publicize info Distributed clearing algorithm, every participant must coordinate clearing occurs according to logical time + in both cases it seems […]

Flexible Iterators

Java has some odd quirks which make it far more inflexible than it needs to be. For example, many programs have data structures which need to be iterated both forwards and backwards, and some algorithms require treating the first or last element differently than the others. My goal here is to find a tweak […]

What I want for Financial Planning software

My finances are currently not that complicated. But, I still want some infographics that depict my budget, expenditures, income, overall asset allocations, etc. I’m not entirely sure how each of these would appear. It might be possible to implement the budget diagram via a plugin architecture, where each represented account has it’s own code for […]

Stack Storage and Garbage Collection

Recently, I ran across Mike Vanier’s page containing his opinions on Scalable Computer Programming Languages. I agree almost entirely with his list:

garbage collection no pointers or pointer arithmetic a foreign function interface to the C language static type checking with type inference support for exception handling run-time error checking for errors that can’t be […]

Scaling Automated CS Education

The success of Salman Kahn’s Academy and other instances of disruptive education, have started me thinking about how computer science education might scale. Let’s first analyze how Kahn is organizing the learning experience.

First: Have a huge collection of videos. Kahn’s library has been organically grown. Each video introduces only a single topic, through the […]