Decentralizing the Internet

It’s been around for awhile (since 2006), but I didn’t read about netsukuku until now. Apparently, in tech, all it takes is for one committed individual to dedicate a month or so to plan and implement some wonderful new system. Andrea Lo Pumo, has developed a new routing algorithm, ANDNA (A Netsukuku Domain Name Architecture), based on addressing in fractal topologies.

Netsukuku was created to build up a distributed network, anonymous and censorship-free, fully independent but not necessarily separated from the Internet, without the support of any server, ISP and no central authority. It does not rely on a backbone router, or on any routing equipment other than normal network interface cards.

Netsukuku aims to build a fully distributed network that does not rely on single points of failure as the actual Internet. The main idea is to build a system that can be built and be maintained autonomously. It is designed to handle a very large number of nodes with minimal CPU and memory resources.