October 2023
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The Future of Publishing should be Skribilo

Finally, I found something that looks like it could suitably replace LaTeX! It’s called Skribilo and features all of the goodness observed in a previous post about using a Lisp-like syntax instead of that crufty HTML/XML nonsense.

Cool stuff to look at

Steve Yegge gave a nice talk at OSCON, What would you do with your own Google?, compelling us all to focus on math, stats, machine learning, and the understanding the core fundamentals. We should be working to make the world a better place! Use our knowledge of scaling and systems, to solve big, important problems […]


One of my fellow lab-mates has already posted about const-correctness, because of some similar issues. My work today, takes it a tiny bit further into sheer insanity.

If you don’t start your program off using a const-correctness discipline, it’s very likely that you will find yourself in a world of hurt when you try to […]

The Future of the Web should be Lisp

I was reading Steve Yegge’s drunken rant on The Emacs Problem. It wasn’t able to convince me that Lisp was a great language for text processing, but it did convince me that Lisp is a fantastic language for data interchange. Especially, if that data happens to have hierarchical structure. Say for example, something like HTML.


Love the RAID

Remember that desktop machine that I assembled way back when? My paranoia led me to arrange the disk layout as follows: 2 drives in a mirror that will hold the primary system, and 4 drives in a RAID 5 for storage. The mirror was arranged by partitioning each of the drives into three sections: one […]

Xmas for Myself

It’s become somewhat a habit of mine to purchase for myself some sorta technology each Xmas. I’m usually the one to make the purchase myself, because I’m pretty much the only one that knows what I want and need. One of the curses of being so introverted, is that nobody knows what gifts to give […]

High-Tech Life

There are many things associated with a high-tech lifestyle. Most of these things are electronic: cellphone, kindle, PDA, laptop, video-conferencing, etc. I think it’s the more subtle things that actually matter more. The things that aren’t visible, that are often overlooked, but which actually have a large impact.

Today an article came out on slashdot […]

The Misinformation of Crowds

I’ve seen much recently piggy-backing on the Wisdom of Crowds. Much of the Web 2.0 seems highly focused on exploiting this phenomenon:

Datamining the crowd: Yahoo and Google both have an Answers service that purports to harness the wisdom explicitly. Ranking results: Digg, Newsvine, Technorati all use forms of distributed social voting to determine quality. […]

Car PC

I’ve kinda been looking at the computer market recently, So I decided to goto Fry’s today, just to look around. While there I saw on the display of motherboards, some tiny Mini-ITX systems. They were all a bit underpowered, but had nearly everything integrated on the motherboard; some were even fanless. At first I thought […]

Google still shiny?

So Google has recently released a new browser, Chrome, which must have been named to remind us that the company is still shiny and new. I must of course commend them for certain features:

Relocating the address bar.

Just like Opera the address bar is now located below the tabs.

Incognito mode.

The […]