September 2012
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Chasing GDP

According to wikipedia, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can be calculated a number of ways. I’d like to pick out (on?) the most common one for this rant.

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports) = C + I + G + (X – M)

Economists (since Keynes) have […]

Decentralizing the Internet

It’s been around for awhile (since 2006), but I didn’t read about netsukuku until now. Apparently, in tech, all it takes is for one committed individual to dedicate a month or so to plan and implement some wonderful new system. Andrea Lo Pumo, has developed a new routing algorithm, ANDNA (A Netsukuku Domain Name Architecture), […]

Born v. Greenspan

PBS Frontline has produced a show, The Warning which documents the CFTC’s attempt to introduce regulation to avoid a financial crisis brought about by the derivatives market. It cronicles how the three marketeers, Greenspan, Summers, and Rubin successfully shut Born down because the light she attempted to shed on this dark market threatened the solvency […]

Anti-libertarian views

Because I get most of my world views from a self-chosen, selective subset of the internet, I’m exposed to a great deal of sycophantic thought. I don’t think it’s a large problem that I read only that which I agree with, because I consistently hear from everyday people and the mass media messages contrary to […]

Personal Freedom

I’ve been dissatisfied with Ron Paul’s loss of the Republican Party ticket. I was hoping that this election cycle would finally be determined by the enthusiastic minority of libertarians. I was hoping that it would be the nomination which proved the internet is stronger than the mass media. Alas, I shall have to wait some […]

Market-based Medicine

The Capital Account show had an episode: How the market can cure the healthcare crisis, with Dr. Keith Smith. In the show, Dr. Smith demonstrated that his Surgery Center of Oklahoma generates reasonable profits which providing slightly below average cost on most operations.

Right after opening, he had clients visiting from Canada bypassing their own […]

Stack Storage and Garbage Collection

Recently, I ran across Mike Vanier’s page containing his opinions on Scalable Computer Programming Languages. I agree almost entirely with his list:

garbage collection no pointers or pointer arithmetic a foreign function interface to the C language static type checking with type inference support for exception handling run-time error checking for errors that can’t be […]


On Sunday, I went with some of my friends to enjoy a beer and celebrate Oktoberfest at Alpine Village. When I arrived I was dismayed to find the festivities closely guarded by a squadron of private security decked out in pressed uniform closely mimicking that of actual police. Their attire included gun at hip, a […]