Personal Freedom

I’ve been dissatisfied with Ron Paul’s loss of the Republican Party ticket. I was hoping that this election cycle would finally be determined by the enthusiastic minority of libertarians. I was hoping that it would be the nomination which proved the internet is stronger than the mass media. Alas, I shall have to wait some time longer.

Menno Troyer argues in his article, Beware of the False Paths to Freedom, that too much time spent on the mind-killer politics is wasted energy. That it’s not wholly necessary for me to convince others of my need for freedom. That I’m better off spending my resources and energies on self-empowerment, rather than tilting at windmills.

Doug Casey is currently promoting a villa, La Estancia de Cafayate in the remote hills of Argentina. I’m strongly attracted to such a community, because it consists of free-market, like-minded individualists.

While the statist agenda continues its advance, my goal now is to take Troyer’s advice and grow my knowledge of wealth accumulation so that I can, by economic means, afford the escapism offered by freedom-loving communities. Hopefully, in a few short years, I’ll have the resources to join the ideological ranks of Michael Fielding and leave these united states that was America.