OS Design

While reading The UNIX Haters Handbook I realized that there exists much knowledge that has not been implemented in unix, nor any other os. I should campaign for the creation of an API that developers must adhere to in order to have their code added to the system. It should start with using/creating a high-level language, which places a minimal burden on the programmer and comes endowed with both garbage collection as well as embedded debug info. Code should pass freely between programs, so that even the gui has the power to pipe, not just the command line (probably achievable by extra overhead describing what to do with an object being passed, but since it already runs inside of a debugger, this should happen easily). All programs should split backend and frontend as much as possible, to allow for this piping (preferably in a drag-n-drop manner, that requires no extra effort on the part of the programmer to implement). Everything should communicate network transparently, and indeed, with separation of frontends and backend, this may happen naturally. Underneath a single well thought-out design, a new revolutionary OS could arise.