November 2004
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Natural Programming

I read an article today about Natural Programming. This really piques my interest, because the psychologists have had to study how humans wish to translate their thoughts into a working program. Of course, the research done has necessarily been limited in scope and domain. I read that some of their programming environments have been tested […]

Gifts: Titanium Chopsticks

If you are uncertain what to get me this Xmas consider a pair of titanium chopsticks.

I’d like them in the plain squarish design that ordinary plastic chopsticks have, but made of titanium because it has a golden shine to it. I think of this as a wonderful hybrid of the ancient with the modern. […]

OS Design

While reading The UNIX Haters Handbook I realized that there exists much knowledge that has not been implemented in unix, nor any other os. I should campaign for the creation of an API that developers must adhere to in order to have their code added to the system. It should start with using/creating a high-level […]

The Purpose of Government

My last entry said that government should purpose itself to protection of its citizenry. Well, I’ve now decided that this idea leads to a welfare state with institutionalized dependence. Check Asimov for an ideal case of the beneficent government made possible through science (a stagnant nightmare, and this when the rulers act benevolent). No, too […]

Spoken Math

I uncovered today a small paper note, obviously inspired by my reading of Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, very likely Foundation’s Edge in particular, which I completed last month.

I maintain the belief that the world is in need of a mathematical language situated to subject the spoken word, not numbers, to a similar rigorous logical analysis […]

To Exist or Not? — The Question

In perusing Bill Beaty’s crazy website, I came upon not only an example of my former self-reference experiment, but also, an interesting subset of the English Language known as E-Prime. In order to increase my mental strain I shall henceforth endeavor to use this delightful, though difficult, form of expression. Indeed, I noticed that the […]

Citizen and Liberties

The government should purpose itself to maintaining and defending the freedoms of its citizenry. These freedoms should not only entail what has been written in the Constutition of the US but also those regarding patents, copyrights, and so forth. The government shall not hold information from the public, nor shall it prevent access to governmental […]

Bill Beaty

Bill Beaty’s website is full of crazy coolness. One of the few people simultaneously interested in expression as well as content.

Tyranny of Corruption

Voting is an interesting process. Ideally it gives a democracy much power for the public to get what they want. Though there are many different systems of voting, they are all possesed of various flaws, so let’s examine just how things can go awry in a general manner.

So we assume the government is embodied […]