December 2006
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Information Distributed Fractally in the Market

Last week I couldn’t get to sleep because I was thinking about economics. I stumbled upon an interesting theory. If you believe in the Efficient Market Hypothesis, and you believe Mandelbrot when he says that a stock price moves up and down in a fractal manner, then these two beliefs imply that the information about […]

Self Replicating Robots

I had a nice discussion with Elvee today about robots. One of the problems with robots is that of self-replication. In order to create an electronic life-form, we need to gift robots with the ability to reproduce on their own. When biological organisms reproduce the chemistry basically takes care of itself. But in the case […]

Anthropology class in High School

In thinking a bit more about Brin’s Earth and The Postman, I thought that people should really be given more education in High School. Specifically we should be teaching ourselves about Logic and Reasoning, Dialect, Rhetoric and Propaganda, and Psychology (both of the individual and urban/tribal). One of the most glaring problems that we face […]


I’ve just finished my reading of David Brin’s The Postman and had this delightful insight about the invasion of other countries. In many stories of war, an occupational force must set up its own command system to control the recently acquired region. Often they attempt recruit natives who led the resistance into fairly high positions […]

Circular Searching

Yesterday, at work I was surfing the web to try and figure out how I to setup my machine so that I could use my CAC card to login (at the kdm prompt). So, using google to search for things like ‘kdm login smartcard’ I found myself on this ubuntu forum page, where some guy […]

Google Uprising

I had an interesting thought today as I was surfing the net about business culture and eXtreem Programming. I ran across a news item about Guido van Rossum finally finishing up a his first project since getting hired at Google.

Google has done very well as a web business because, not only do they […]