Citizen and Liberties

The government should purpose itself to maintaining and defending the freedoms of its citizenry. These freedoms should not only entail what has been written in the Constutition of the US but also those regarding patents, copyrights, and so forth. The government shall not hold information from the public, nor shall it prevent access to governmental instutitions.

    Proposed new Freedoms for the citizen

  • Freedom of Information
  • Freedom of Movement

Inevitably, some citizens will break the law. Since imprisonment interferes with the Feedom of Movement, the first step of prosecution must revoke the citizenship of the criminal. Only then can the criminal udergo incarceration. This complicates things a little bit, for there will now exist two laws, those of the citizen, and those of the resident individuals.

To expand on this separability, the government shall not bestow citizenship upon individuals gratis. Instead, they shall have to pass a rudimentary test that proves the individual able-minded for the responsibility of voting. Rote recitation of the constutition epitomises such a simple test. By the blunt learning instrument of rote memorization and recitation, many (but not all) citizens will gain flavor of their political responsibilities; for the constution I dream of shall contain clauses explicitly stating the limitations of government and the freedoms granted the citizen, but denied to the non-citizen. If everybody has rudimentary knowledge of the basis of their law, I hope that nobody shall get very far when trying to encroach on the principle freedoms.