What I want for Financial Planning software

My finances are currently not that complicated. But, I still want some infographics that depict my budget, expenditures, income, overall asset allocations, etc. I’m not entirely sure how each of these would appear. It might be possible to implement the budget diagram via a plugin architecture, where each represented account has it’s own code for logging in and reporting cash flows according to each quadrant.

For my stock portfolio I want:

  • Rebalancing indicators, including a comparison with some ‘optimal’ allocations such as Cover’s Universal.
  • For each stock, it should have technical momentum/trend analysis for short and med term.
  • Each stock should also be connected to investment newsletter info, citing recommendations/tips/watches.
  • Each stock should also carry my own annotations and analysis, including why it was purchased.
  • Ideally the system should take the technical indicators and optimal allocations to automate rebalancing. (This should include Marin Katusa’s 20 rules for selling).

For my overall budget I want:

  • IRA, Insurance Coverages (Life, Auto, Health, etc)
  • Personal stock portfolio performance metrics (return v risk, etc)
  • assets in Bank Accounts and credit cards
  • Cash flows: dividends, interest, job, etc.
  • Expenditures: deductibles, bills, etc.
  • Ideally the cash flow and expenditure fit in Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrant diagram.
  • Automated Tax calculation
  • Overall risk and allocation analysis, so that no one income source or expenditure becomes over-weighted