Eclectic Tastes in Music

I don’t usually listen to music at all, The only band that I know for sure that I like is Rush (and that’s primarily because they have works inspired by Rand, in addition to a light sprinkling of non-traditional psychedelic sounds). I’m also partial to rock music played with an organ, because it sounds so other-worldy. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Queen, and Bach’n Roll are appealing for similar reasons. (I have yet to hear Mozart on steel drums, but I’m sure I’d love it)

So, today I started up Amarok, and went browsing through the built-in list of shoutcast streams, looking for an 8-bit radio station. I didn’t find one (though I did find and stations that specialize in Nintendo music). What I was really looking for was a station that played music from 8bitpeoples and the like; music that I’ve heard before (classical rock), but transcribed to the 8-bit regime. Internet searches also failed me.

In conclusion, the world would be a better place if we had more internet radio, specifically an 8-bit classic(al) rock station.