July 2008
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Hallucinated Abstract

I actually thought this up around sometime in Feb 2007; I had been reading Sipser’s Intro to Computer Science text, and hallucinated the following abstract while drifting off to sleep:

This paper presents an isomorphism between the set of problems in P and the Natural Numbers, and an isomorphism between the set of problem […]

Geeking out

I am a dyed-in-the-wool geek. When I first moved into my apartment here at UCI, and found out that all my stuff didn’t quite fit into my room, what did I do about it?

I drafted the floor plan of my room, and made paper cutouts of all my furniture. Then arranged and re-arranged all […]

Threaded Image Tiling

For quite some time now I’ve wanted to do a program that demonstrates Image Tiling using threads. Everyone should be familiar with the results of this technique, it’s used in Google Maps, Google Earth, NASA Worldwind, KDE’s Marble, and the like.

So, to begin I started off looking for example of how this is accomplished […]

Futon Barter

So, last Sunday, I purchased a Futon through Craigslist. On my trip back from picking it up, I lost a piece. A certain plastic part that fits in a wood slot, so it can slide up and down the rail when you change from couch to bed. A part that I would never be able […]

First week at UCI

My first week has been rather nice and relaxing. I’ve got much of my paperwork covered with respect to RAship, ID card, finding shops and stuff around the area. My roomates are cool and mellow (and have similar philosophical/religious views). So far, it looks like I’ll be working on Information Flow in SpiderMonkey. The dissertations […]

Moved In

I am finally moved in to my place at UCI. It turns out that I own 1 Toyota Tundra load of books, and 2 Chevy Cavalier loads of miscellaneous crap. Also, I found out that, as a result of stuff expanding to fill available space, it’s impossible to compact the junk from a 2 bedroom […]