Anthropology class in High School

In thinking a bit more about Brin’s Earth and The Postman, I thought that people should really be given more education in High School. Specifically we should be teaching ourselves about Logic and Reasoning, Dialect, Rhetoric and Propaganda, and Psychology (both of the individual and urban/tribal). One of the most glaring problems that we face as a society, is not our lack of knowledge about history, but of histories lessons. We should focus our teaching on how and why people behave the way that they do, why they believe the things that they do and how those beliefs affect their behavior.

Tribal psychology is particularly applicable to high school, and hopefully those lessons can be extended to include war between nations. Rhetoric is good for deciphering of advertisements, filtering campaign promises from politicians, and extends itself to propaganda for war efforts.

Probably, I couldn’t have learned these things in high school, but the attempt to teach wouldn’t have hurt. Knowledge of human behavior in all its forms is completely ignored throughout the school system. It’s probably that adults fear children can’t understand such things rather than conspiratorial scripting of lessons learned to benefit those in power (keep the masses ignorant). We are too poorly educated about ourselves.