Circular Searching

Yesterday, at work I was surfing the web to try and figure out how I to setup my machine so that I could use my CAC card to login (at the kdm prompt). So, using google to search for things like ‘kdm login smartcard’ I found myself on this ubuntu forum page, where some guy talks about the wikipedia page. Further down the thread another guy pops in and says that he found a gentoo wiki page on getting the CAC to work with gentoo. I use gentoo, but that page is completely useless to me, because I wrote it. It only talks about getting the CAC to work with NMCI webmail.

On impulse I searched google for ‘gentoo common access card’ and the page I wrote comes in 2nd (the ubuntu forum page is 1st). Hopefully it’ll prove useful to others over time.

Edit: Roughly a month after I wrote the gentoo wiki HowTo, one of the sysadmin folks stopped me to tell me, knowing that I have a strong preference for running Linux on my work desktop, that he found the HowTo on the Gentoo Wiki. I told him, I knew about the article “because I wrote it”.