May 2022
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Circular Searching

Yesterday, at work I was surfing the web to try and figure out how I to setup my machine so that I could use my CAC card to login (at the kdm prompt). So, using google to search for things like ‘kdm login smartcard’ I found myself on this ubuntu forum page, where some guy […]

Natural Programming

I read an article today about Natural Programming. This really piques my interest, because the psychologists have had to study how humans wish to translate their thoughts into a working program. Of course, the research done has necessarily been limited in scope and domain. I read that some of their programming environments have been tested […]

Tyranny of Corruption

Voting is an interesting process. Ideally it gives a democracy much power for the public to get what they want. Though there are many different systems of voting, they are all possesed of various flaws, so let’s examine just how things can go awry in a general manner.

So we assume the government is embodied […]


“Son — Just do something important that people will want.”

Leroy may have been drunk when he said this but it did cause me to rethink my approach to things. I have been assuming that if I did whatever the hell I wanted, then I could always find somebody else who thought what I was […]

Words, Thought, and Meaning

Studying German I realized that, much of what I think consists not of pictorial representation nor of idealogical conceptualization of objects, but rather of linguistic terms. My thought are formed by, and therefore controlled by language. More importantly, my thoughts are not about the objects that language references but rather my thoughts are the words […]

Terminal and GUI

The power of the linux os is in the terminal. It was arranged from a few very powerful utils that can be piped with each other. This modularity needs to be extended to the gui, for the gui to be as useful. An extension of drag-n-drop, it should not be left to the application to […]

Axiomatic Law

I was reading some article on Asimov’s 3 Laws, and thought that they have some difficulties.

1. The laws are in english, a language that is inherently ambigious. This ambiguity is difficult for machine implementation, but may imbue the robots with the needed abstract generalizations necessary for functioning in our society.

2. The laws are […]

Math and Occam’s Razor

In discussion with Ben about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I concluded that the success of mathematical elegance in solutions is a physical manifestation of Occam’s Razor. Indeed, mathematical elegance is to be held above normal logic.

As an illustration of my point consider Quantum Mech. The math at that time was new […]

Blasphemous Ideas

I was on the bus and these two old men boarded at a stop and were embroiled in some sorta argument. One was sorta bummish, and was saying “there is no fear, I love everything” while the other, kept repeating “shut up, motherfucker.” The bummish guy, at one point said “I’m a buddah,” which completely […]

Grokking Meaning

Thinking is a terrible terrible thing.

By insight provided from reading GEB, I am firm in believing that there is no meaning intrinsic to the world. Unfortunately our minds are predisposed to thinking, an act that seeks to create meaning where there is none.

I grok that Thinking is a terrible wrongness.