2023 RAADFest Summary Day 1

RAADFest opens up like a rock concert. With Bryan Johnson as the keynote speaker. Followed by an infomercial for Brain Tap and whirlwind tour of recent news headlines over the last year collected by Bill Faloon peppered with anecdotes of his encounters with armed FDA agents. Doug Ethell tells us why we should circulate and drain our cerebrospinal fluid and Stephen Sideroff closes with a lecture on increasing psychological resilience.

We get one important call to action.
Sign the petition: https://age-reversal.net/fda and encourage the FDA to move quicker, delays cost lives.

Bryan Johnson

  • looks like a normal tech bro ceo in person (vs weird android on social media pictures)
  • has given himself over to an algorithm, and enjoys the ride, relief from tyranny of the mind
  • criticized society for being an addiction fueled mess dying from failing cope tactics
  • wants to distinguish from other religious gurus with emphasis on open data
  • project blueprint community also develops techniques
  • discusses having the most measured penis (erections, urine flow, etc are health metrics)
  • diet is not restrictive, every calorie is a joy when you have so few
    • brownies are now a repulsive poison
  • sleep was the most difficult metric to improve, due to any failures earlier in the day causing a cascade
  • let’s do the important things that the 25th century will talk about: namely Don’t Die movement
  • AI will get us the technology, have to give up the intellectual certainty attitude of books and embrace the unpredictable

Brain Tap, Patrick Porter
Book: Saving Your Brain – has techniques to increase plasticity

  • light is underprescribed nutrient, electric lighting disrupts diurnal cycles, we aren’t outside
  • The device uses blinking light to force brain waves: frequency following response
  • measured a bunch of meditation experts and replicated EEG results in normies within 20mins

I tried the Brain Tap on the last day of the conference, there was a long waitlist. It had a guided meditation, with bright pulsing light, emphasizing a “frequence following response”. I got plenty of vibration feelings. That part felt like normal meditation. But it was quicker, more forced, less fluid compared to just observing my breath in silence. The booth did not have an EEG, but did a heart rate variability measurement with an electrode clipped to each wrist. From this the computer drew 5 different metrics: stress and some others with brain waves. I believe the stress metric (mine improved, from unbalanced to perfect) but don’t believe any of the others, because they didn’t have the equipment. My score started at 100% and ended at 100% for all those. I was breath following for the 4 minutes it takes to read the HRV on both before and after measurements. Hard to improve from perfect — a lesson that generalizes to anyone in good health looking for further gains. I forgot to ask if they saw such on other folks that day., but I’m guessing so, because most others have plenty of room for improvement. However, because the device puts you into a relaxed and uncritical state, I bet showing these bogus results boosts sales.

Bernadine and Strole encourage us all to adopt interventions now. Don’t wait for the general population.

Bill Faloon, Life Extension
Book: Pharmocracy
Book: Death by Regulation
Petition: https://age-reversal.net/fda/
Enroll in Perpetual Project https://age-reversal.net/perpetual-project-registration/ and share data for longevity interventions
Charity: https://BetterHumans.org

  • 2023 intervention winner: Taurine!
  • gave a whirlwind tour of media articles, press is paying attention!!
  • strong criticism of the FDA for delaying drugs: ~17 yrs to get to clinical office
  • personal anecdotes with FDA raids + jail time, while FDA later approved
  • FDA capitulated to protests, on their HQ steps, during HIV panic

Doug Ethell, Leucadia Therapeutics

  • gave history of discovery + diagnosis of Alzheimers
  • need to clear interstitial fluid, prevent accumulations + amyloidosis
  • cerebrospinal fluid drains through the cribriform (olfactory) plate
  • has device to insert valves that increase drainage, alleviate natural clogging with age
  • sedentary lifestyle => no fluid movement
  • do head exercises: incline sit up + look left/right, downward dog

Stephen Sideroff, 9 Keys to Reboot Resilience
Booklet: Path of Resilience, at https://drstephensideroff.com

  • we have too much stress: shortens telomeres, accelerates epigenetic aging clock, impairs proteostasis, damages mitochondria
  • we have mismatches in our life
    • fight or flight response is overexpressed for modern dangers
    • acquire primitive gestalts during childhood development that don’t match our adult lives
    • mistakenly correlate stress (working harder) with success
  • need to reboot: redesign the stress response + free dynamic adaptability from learned constraints
  • arrange the 9 keys as a pyramid, I didn’t catch them all, should have photo’d the slide
    • ability to get things done (performance)
    • presence + flexibility
    • balance: physical, mental, ?
    • relationships: ?, ?, ?
  • we have learned to be stress-seeking, always on edge, looking out for the next threat