January 2013
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Flexible Iterators

Java has some odd quirks which make it far more inflexible than it needs to be. For example, many programs have data structures which need to be iterated both forwards and backwards, and some algorithms require treating the first or last element differently than the others. My goal here is to find a tweak […]

How not to end poverty

In spite of popular belief the rich should not fight poverty by giving away their money to the impoverished. In his show, “The Big Picture”, Thom Hartmann points out that the richest 100 people in the world have enough wealth to eliminate world poverty 4 times over. In direct defiance of the show’s name, this […]

Searching the Job Market

Instead of writing my thesis, I’ve recently been surfing around the net looking for job prospects. Fortunately, I know almost exactly what I want and the reasons why:

Desire Reason Small company. Because I’d rather be a large fish in a small pond. I’d like to have some knowledge of each aspect of the business […]

Notes: Washington Economic Privilege

The following are notes concerning Peter Schweizer’s (author of “Throw them all out”) talk on the corrupting influence of politics, given at the Navigating the Politicized Economy Summit in San Diego.

Washington D.C. has been the fastest growing city, with per capita income higher than anywhere else in the U.S. In this system of crony […]

Physics of Wall Street

Yesterday I attended a book talk given by a young professor here in the Philosophy department, James Weatherall, promoting his a recent work, The Physics of Wall Street. James told a rousing good story concerning many famous characters. Each chapter of the book focuses on a different character (personality) that fields, from a mathematical discipline […]

Reviewing and Creating Job Applications

Today, the EECS department sent out a mailer which advertises 2 open positions to the Intro to Programming course, which I am teaching. When I asked the department if they had funding for the positions, I included a description specifically drafted so that it could be copied into the advert. Unfortunately they did not pick […]

What I want for Financial Planning software

My finances are currently not that complicated. But, I still want some infographics that depict my budget, expenditures, income, overall asset allocations, etc. I’m not entirely sure how each of these would appear. It might be possible to implement the budget diagram via a plugin architecture, where each represented account has it’s own code for […]