Illegal Everything

John Stossel (I’m really starting to like this guy) recently did an episode titled “Illegal Everything” in which he make the following observations/arguments:

  • Legalizing drugs does not lead to more use, but does lead to less violence. (example: Portugal, as can be read about in Scientific American, and Wikipedia).
  • Cops have raided food co-ops for selling ‘raw milk’, and shut down children lemonade stands; for ‘not having the proper permits’.
  • Legalizing prostitution actually benefits the workers with legal protection, leading to less violence.
  • That the EPA and other government organizations operate with large budgets, and are too difficult for the average person to fight. (example: a couple wishing to build a house on their own property stopped by the EPA over accusations of building on a wetland, which it wasn’t.)
  • It usually starts by people arguing for big-brother oversight of morality (as in drug use and prostitution) or for professionalism and regulation (as in cab drivers requiring $1M medallions). Licencing serves to prevent new comers from entering the market.
  • New laws create power for activist government agencies, but almost never get repealed.

I have one question America: Are you going to let FULL TIME legislatures create laws which make so many rules that everyone becomes a criminal? So that, for anyone perceived as a threat or nuisance to their authority, can have charges trumped up by combing the books? So that, what you are comfortable doing today, makes you a criminal in the future?