April 2012
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Embedded Languages

I don’t like them.

I’ve ranted before about how the Web is a festering polyglot made horrific by Postel’s Law. Many, including Tim Bray, advocate more knowledge at the client end, when an error occurs in parsing the steaming pile of HTML that forms today’s Web pages. I almost fell in line […]

Scaling Automated CS Education

The success of Salman Kahn’s Academy and other instances of disruptive education, have started me thinking about how computer science education might scale. Let’s first analyze how Kahn is organizing the learning experience.

First: Have a huge collection of videos. Kahn’s library has been organically grown. Each video introduces only a single topic, through the […]

Keyboard Kraziness

Again, I spent far too much time looking at different keyboards. This time around, however, I can see that some people are progressing toward my latest ideal: The multi-touch surface with re-configurable keys. Mostly, I want to record all the cool things that I came across.

What’s wrong about what I currently have […]

Measuring Effectiveness of a Domain Specific Language

Also, at CGO I met Hassan Chafi, who is working on a graph-based Domain Specific Language. Even though I never seem to find time that I can explicitly devote to studying them, DSL’s are, to me, an compulsively fascinating topic. A day or so after the discussion it occurred to me that we need some […]

Experience, CGO 2012

I attended CGO 2012. The speakers were universally boring, but the conversations that you have with other attendees can be quite interesting. For example, I have been thinking that the hodge-podge babel of languages that makes up web applications should be replaced with something more lispy. William Maddox, currently at Adobe, shares the same opinion […]

Express yourself: to the compiler and to your fellow developer.

The keynote speaker at CGO 2012 (Chris Lattner, LLVM) put some crazy thoughts into my head.

Want compiler to know about:

memory disjointness aliasing Usage of data structures (array of struct vs struct of arrays) whether arithmetic is done on a pointer (and the bounds) invariants (in loops and between methods)

A language needs to […]

Thoughts on Hugo’s Thought Experiment

Dear Hugo Salinas Price,

In your article, Second Thoughts on the ‘Thought Experiment, you raised a sequence of 5 items which together form an objection which led you to believe that the Thought Experiment had to “go back to the drawing board”. I think, that with a small adjustment, this objection can be overcome. I […]