November 2009
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Ray Comfort is Bananas

For a couple of months now I’ve know that Ray Comfort plans on distributing a republication of Darwin’s Origin of Species on many North American campuses. I took quite some time out to write a rebuttal to all of the fallacious arguments that he makes in his Introduction so that AAR could use it to hand out during the time that Comfort is distributing his republication. I eventually realized, after not getting very far, that I’d end up with a rebuttal longer than his original Introduction. In lieu of all the tireless work and effort that it would take to address everything in length I’ve decided instead to write a summary of the primary mistakes.

2 comments to Ray Comfort is Bananas

  • Budd Ruff

    Thanks for Ray Comfort. I didn’t know he existed. Now I know more about bananas that I knew before. And someone else to avoid.

    The sites I visited to see Comfort lead me to The Smoking Nug and I wasted an enjoyable couple of hours reading articles and watching short videos.

    I read The Phenomenon of Man by Teilard De Chardain at Doig’s suggestion. It was an epipthany. I no longer am concerned about a species disappearing since a new one will be along any millennium now.

    I visited with my daughter and granddaugter in New Mexico. On the radio, they discussed whether a Christian could celebrate Halloween. Sure makes stuffy, right wingnut Ridgecrest look like a pretty good place to survive.

    I connected my laptop to their wireless connection and listened to in an Internet radio station all night, every night in my bedroom. My granddaughter has more music tracks on my iMac (which I store there) than I used to own before CDs. Radio is dead. The newspapers are dead. There is a new world order.

  • My favorite newscast about Halloween is the one that the Onion did last year, Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

    I’ve been meaning to do an update with regard to Ray Comfort, better do that now. And then on to punditry about the new world order.

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