August 2007
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Figures and Formulas

A long while back, I remember reading about Stallman proposing a change to copyright time. I thought that the setting of a particular figure, and then refining it was an absurd solution. In my opinion a much better solution is to set a formula by which the length of copyright is to be calculated, and […]

The Man

Ok, well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Some interesting stuff has been happening in my life though.

The software project I’m working on has surpassed 10,000 lines. While this in itself is neither an unusual nor unexpected event for software, it marks a personal milestone. Previously, I’ve only written stuff that […]

What’s the diff?

It was about 12am, and I was driving home listening to A Farewell to Kings, after having talked to a drunk all day about conspiracy theories and loss of the American Dream. I was thinking about Language and yesterday’s failure to compare languages for Lego robots. I had failed because I actually needed to have […]


I was reading Hofstadter’s latest book, I am a Strange Loop, and encountered some rather provocative statements. Hofstadter is one of the only authors that I’ve read that is not afraid of explaining in great detail why materialism is both necessary and sufficient for all the complexity of human life.

This quote starts out on […]

Status update.

Well, I’ve really been out of it. Not much has been happening, and there’s not much that I want to rant about.

I successfully installed OpenWRT on my new wireless router. Though I now have wireless, I noticed that my upload rate on torrents has noticeably declined; and this is after configuring iptables. It’s a […]

HD Crash and why *nix is is better than Windows

Ok, so the site has been down for a week. That’s because my computer’s HD crashed. Fortunately, I was able to goto Staples and purchase 2 Seagate 500GB SATA drives. That’s 1TB purchased on a whim for $260! You couldn’t do that 1 year ago. I’ve set them up as a RAID 1 (mirror) so […]