September 2007
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Multi-Core Multi-Language Machines

I was doing my traditional web searching about languages, this time beginning with parallel lisp. I was wondering, if LISP, being one of the oldest and original languages, had explored the concurrency model, and what concepts it had to offer. Immediately this search led me to a 3 part series [1,2,3] specifically on that topic, […]

The Cloud

I was reading Marc Andreessen’s blog entry about The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet. and all his talk about sharing code and running that code on other systems and community and all that really got me thinking.

There have been many large distributed projects that have promoted the idea of sharing […]

End of the Keyboard

Lets review a few really awesome experiments with user-interfaces, and then I’ll introduce my own.

First, we have the Optimus Keyboard. Each key on this board has it’s own display. That means you can use the board for all sorts of wacky stuff. You could have the layout change adaptively for every key you press, […]

Tuition-Free Education

From, My Biased Coin we have an argument for a Tuition Free Harvard. While, this is a really great idea, I don’t think it goes far enough. I actually think that the goal of providing a reputable education at zero cost to the student can be accomplished.

Let’s first specialize the college to the field […]

Linguistics and SciFi

Ok, It’s been more than a week since I last wrote down any of my thoughts. I recently went on travel for work, and gave a presentation of the software that I’ve been working on. I was received well, and I now have a list of improvements to make. I also visited my grandparents in […]