July 2007
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CS and Game Theory

I read Papadimitriou’s article on Algorithms, Games, and the Internet, and found it to be a rather nice overview strongly hinting at future emphasis within the Theoretical Computer Science community. I’ve long thought that a good game theoretic background would help in the development of network protocols, esp. wireless protocols. I particularly liked FON‘s original […]

The Situation with Iraq

Yesterday, a nice youth visited my dad’s weekly gathering. At 22 he brought back pictures of the death and carnage that he’s witnessed as part of his tour in the Mid-East.

Now, I dislike the idea of war, and the associated loss of human life. So I asked, what can be done about it? Well, […]

The Cambrian Explosion

Today I watched the Evolution section of a Discovery program about the 100 Greatest Discoveries. In it Bill Nye talked about the Cambrian Explosion and the Burgess shale. I remember that back in High School I had an argument with a Creationist friend about the sudden explosion of life in that era, and though I […]

Descriptive Hierarchies

Today, I was reading Sipser’s Theory of Computation and in chapter 6 it said:

For statement 3 (Machines cannot self-reproduce) we make the following argument that machines cannot self-reproduce. Consider a machine that constructs other machines, such as an automated factory that produces cars. Raw materials go in at one end, the manufacturing robots […]

Summer Philosophy

Ahh, the lazy days of summer, and the delightful philosophy that imbues them. I absolutely love verbal fencing. Because through the dancing around of argument, you get to know more about yourself and why you believe the things you do, and why your partner believes the things they do. In addition there are usually plenty […]

True Names

Today I read TRUE NAMES by Vernor Vinge, as recommended by Andreessen.

It really is a a good novella. I’m am shocked and amazed that it was written in 1984, as it has elements not seen until much later in authors like Charles Stross (Accelerando) and David Brin (Earth). The Afterword (by Marvin Minsky) is […]

Stock Market 2.0

I was reading Andreessen’s thoughts about Web 2.0 and had a nice thought myself: Wall Street is behind. They have giant festering piles of business and financial logic, and are falling behind on the internet front. What is needed is an internet trading company that can provide free quotes (with better than 20min delay) and […]

The Entropy

Well, my car battery is died yesterday. It seems that everything in the universe has conspired to attack me this week.

On the plus side, I purchased a set of jumper cables, and an Xpower PowerPack 300 EP. It provides a battery for jump starting a car, an air compressor that would help fix flats, […]

Universal Turing Machines, Part 9: Fin

The last routine left us with markings on the bits of the current state. Conveniently, it also left us to the left, while the UTM’s Start state has a loop which moves right to check wether or not a symbol is marked on the simulated tape. We’ll simply modify this loop to clean up after […]

Universal Turing Machines, Part 8: Lost in Transition

First: Last weekend I met with a friend and we reviewed this UTM subroutine by subroutine, finding a few errata, which have been fixed.

Finally, we’ve reached the end. The last step of simulation is to find and mark the state with has been copied into the register. This procedure resembles the find symbol subroutine.