Apple and Advertising

In the beginning, Apple Computer was a hobby in Job’s garage, advertised through computer hobby magazines. Dedicated hackers were busy building their community, and Apple was one of the hobby friendly architectures. Key here is the small, but critical, start-up costs: advertisement in a targeted venue.

Can the same be done with education? That is, do the people that desire education in programming have some few consumption habits which can host advertisement? Let’s speculate:

Target: High School students.
How to Reach: Probably through the instructor, if the instructor is dedicated enough to follow an education magazine. Likely that most instructors are not so dedicated.

Target: Working class looking to better their career.
How to Reach: TV advertisement. Possibly, some individuals are savvy enough to be using free internet resources. In this case: YouTube channel + WebSite is the best way to be discovered.

Target: College students undeserved by lecture, looking for tutoring.
How To Reach: Advertise in the programming courses on campus; Recommendations through peers and counselors.

It’s likely this last group that will help to build the foundation of stable clientele. Also, going the route of online education means that joining forces with a rising star (Kahn’s Academy) is probably better than going it alone.