Ugh. I spent too much time today and yesterday doing grading. I shouldn’t be this slow at it. Here’s the general process:

Look at 5–10 submissions and note what are the most common errors. From this, a rubric can be generated. Then, comb through all assignments and dock points according to the rubric. Even after looking at only a small sample, almost every submission falls within the guidelines of the rubric.

However, in the interests of providing good feedback, each item in the rubric corresponds to a line (or small paragraph) explaining the student’s mistake.

So, here’s what I need: An application which has a grid (perhaps of checkboxes) along one axis the class roster, along the other the rubric. My job is to click checkboxes corresponding to each item in the rubric. The application can then calculate both the grade for that assignment, and generate a feedback report for the student.

The closest thing that I could find: