February 2009
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Michael Newdow’s case for a godless Pledge

I attended a lecture about the Michael Newdew’s case concerning the constitutionality of the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegience, presented by UCI’s constitutional law prof Donna C. Scheule. These are some notes from that talk, as close to verbatim as I could manage.

A figure in history, Madelin Murray O’Hare. In popular […]

Dan Barker and Jesus

Last night, I attended another talk with Dan Barker, at Saddleback College; this time about the historical person of Jesus Christ, hosted by the free thinkers club. Again, this is a brief transcription covering all the major points of his talk.

Compliments the club for being an activist group. Mentions that he loves to travel […]

Dan Barker, Godless

Tonight I attended a nice speech, Q+A, and Booksigning given by the President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Dan Barker. His talk was basically the same as one that can be found elsewhere online, but I took notes anyway. Most of the stuff that he talks about is contained in his book, Godless: How […]


Last week, Tuesday, I noticed that my club, AAR, was counter-postering some heinous christian fundies.

You see, every once in a while there are these christian fellas with obnoxious signs like “Repent Sinners, You’re going to HELL!”, you know the kind I’m talking about. One of the smart fellas (I’m not sure who) that attends […]

Speech on Chaos Theory and Ecological Stability

I wrote this speech on the way to an Academic Decathlon competition in high school. I still like it, but see now that I really should have been speaking of path lines in attractor fields. Other than that very important mistake, and the fact that you have to have a good idea of what I’m […]


Posters about my current research (Information Flow in JavaScript) were accepted to Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS ’09) and 2009 International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO). This means that I have some work to do, and also that I get to meet and mingle with other interesting folk (one […]


For some reason, quite unknown to me, I’ve been rather depressed lately. Normally, I coast through with a general state of melancholy, with entertaining, but superficial, jokes, comments, arguments, etc. This general state of contentment though has been displaced with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

The other day I went out to Laguna Beach, at a […]