Function calling notation.

I was reading Yegge’s rant Rhinos and Tigers, and he mentioned that:

So it’s kind of unfortunate when you have to use functions, because if you have to say, you know, HTMLElement.getChildren.whatever, it gets inverted with functions: whatever(getChildren(HTMLElement)). You have to call from the innermost one to the outermost… it’s “backwards”, right?

This doesn’t necessarily have to be true, we could institute a new functional calling convention where the arguments precede the function name:

Let’s try this out a bit.
("Hello World\n")print
(5, 3)add

It’s apparently works nicely for certain functions: Yegge’s example and factorial; but not at all for most others. This could be because in ordinary discourse, Subject precedes Action precedes Object. I suppose you could get used to this notation, but I find it too backwards for too many things.