August 2008
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Yak Shaving — Git on a Terastation

Today I spent a considerable amount of time trying to install git on my Terastation.

First I discover that all the git-core ppc debian and rpm packages are compiled against a different version of libc. So I get the source for git, and attempt to compile it myself. I find that the Terastation doesn’t have […]

Bachelor Chow

Like many other things in life, a comedy show had things absolutely spot on. In this case Futurama has in it a fictitious product called Bachelor Chow, which functions as a pet food, but for humans; specifically middle-aged men that don’t cook. I’m a college grad student, and I don’t cook. What I want is […]

Holographic Sunglasses

My moleskine has been holding on to a rather provocative idea for quite some time. On 7th Aug. of 2006 I wrote about a television system with no moving parts. The idea is that you use an LED laser together with a couple of prisms made out of a material that changes refractive index based […]

Heterogenous Lists

I’m used to C’s version of unions and structs. In C a union is simply a spot of memory into which various types of things can be stored. C doesn’t do all that much checking on the data types though. For example, if you construct a union of an 4-byte int and a 4-byte double. […]

Secure Computing

Cloud computing, remote virtual machines, web mash-ups, and anything that executes on someone else’s machine with data you (or your customers) provide is really insecure. Sure you can encrypt the traffic, but in the end that remote machine is forced to decrypt that data before it’s operated on. For example, suppose I have two numbers, […]

Flight to San Jose

So today, I flew to San Jose and back. I went to the Mozilla office (which is right next to the infamous Googleplex) and met Brendan Eich. This, for me, was an altogether surreal experience. I’ve never traveled that far in a single day, I never been through such nice airports (I’m used to the […]