November 2007
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The Three types of Existence

I know that I promised a post about process composition and software architecture, but this just can’t wait. Last night I had a really nice conversation with one of my high school friends about the nature of existence. It all started off with my unsubstantiated claim that “the self does not exist.” As a philosophy […]

Module-Oriented Programming

I’ve been ruminating over the different ways in which we have structured our computer programs over the years.

Most of the world has focused on C, and it seems to organize programs into data structures and functions that operate on those structures. The best example of this practice are the Regex routines. First you transform […]

The Assembly Programmer From Hell

Today I was reading chapter 3 (Revenge of the Nerds) in Steven Pinker’s book How the Mind Works. It talks about evolution and Darwin and Dawkins, and got me thinking about how replicators are all coded with DNA, and how this coding interacts with the processes of evolution; specifically, mutation and inheritance. It already widely […]

Random Ruminations

My thoughts are as entropic as the leaves falling off the trees this season (just about as colored too).

Graduate School Applications

<rant>I really dislike forms; actually I frothingly detest them. I don’t know why, but I have always hated pushing paper. Writing down all that information about myself, just so that it can populate […]


Today I read Analysis of Inheritance Anomaly in Object-Oriented Concurrent Programming Languages, and it seems that the idea that I had last week about implementing every object instance as it’s own process has already been considered. As I expected, this attempt to marry principles of inheritance and polymorphism within a framework of concurrency is fraught […]

Call-Trace capability in IDEs

I was thinking about the features that I’d want in a perfect language, and recalled something I was reading about compiler type-checking. I believe that the common type-checking algorithm can be adapted to do checking of interfaces. An IDE should be able to tell you not only the variables and names within the current scope, […]