October 2023
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Let’s have more Billionaires

I’ve recently come across another missive from Thom Hartmann, that reveals a lack of firm economic grounding. The very title of the article, “Ayn Rand’s Gospel of Selfishness and Billionaire Empowerment is Plaguing America” and it’s subtitle “The United States and other independent governments around the world are crumbling while Ayn Rand’s billionaires are taking […]

Physics of Wall Street

Yesterday I attended a book talk given by a young professor here in the Philosophy department, James Weatherall, promoting his a recent work, The Physics of Wall Street. James told a rousing good story concerning many famous characters. Each chapter of the book focuses on a different character (personality) that fields, from a mathematical discipline […]

Born v. Greenspan

PBS Frontline has produced a show, The Warning which documents the CFTC’s attempt to introduce regulation to avoid a financial crisis brought about by the derivatives market. It cronicles how the three marketeers, Greenspan, Summers, and Rubin successfully shut Born down because the light she attempted to shed on this dark market threatened the solvency […]

Anti-libertarian views

Because I get most of my world views from a self-chosen, selective subset of the internet, I’m exposed to a great deal of sycophantic thought. I don’t think it’s a large problem that I read only that which I agree with, because I consistently hear from everyday people and the mass media messages contrary to […]

Market-based Medicine

The Capital Account show had an episode: How the market can cure the healthcare crisis, with Dr. Keith Smith. In the show, Dr. Smith demonstrated that his Surgery Center of Oklahoma generates reasonable profits which providing slightly below average cost on most operations.

Right after opening, he had clients visiting from Canada bypassing their own […]

Stack Storage and Garbage Collection

Recently, I ran across Mike Vanier’s page containing his opinions on Scalable Computer Programming Languages. I agree almost entirely with his list:

garbage collection no pointers or pointer arithmetic a foreign function interface to the C language static type checking with type inference support for exception handling run-time error checking for errors that can’t be […]

Experience, CGO 2012

I attended CGO 2012. The speakers were universally boring, but the conversations that you have with other attendees can be quite interesting. For example, I have been thinking that the hodge-podge babel of languages that makes up web applications should be replaced with something more lispy. William Maddox, currently at Adobe, shares the same opinion […]

Thoughts on Hugo’s Thought Experiment

Dear Hugo Salinas Price,

In your article, Second Thoughts on the ‘Thought Experiment, you raised a sequence of 5 items which together form an objection which led you to believe that the Thought Experiment had to “go back to the drawing board”. I think, that with a small adjustment, this objection can be overcome. I […]

Great Presentations

Back when my interest in teaching was only just a spark on the kindling of my brain, I started to investigate the tricks of communication. Up to that point in my life I had completely underestimated the importance of communication. I thought, as any myopic engineer would, that sound ideas will speak of their own […]

Embarrassing Big Brother

I read today an interesting article on Lew Rockwell’s site about one Robert Kahre. He had arranged to pay his employees in gold and silver coin. He arranged for them to all work as private contractors, and paid them absurdly low wages (the face value of the coin). Some fascinating ramifications of this arrangement:

Each […]