April 2013
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The Mind Prison System

In a recent, in-depth, late night/early morning conversation with my friends, I received a maddening and tragic realization about the horror of the state education system. Now, I’m already fully aware of alternative methods of teaching, and the systemic critiques of John Taylor Gatto in his books “Weapons of Mass Instruction” and the “Underground History […]

Notes: The Social Contract

These are my notes from reading Rousseau’s The Social Contract for a libertarian book club meeting.

============================== Book 1. ——————————

Preamble. :quote: Born as I was, the citizen of a free state and member of its sovereign body, the very right to vote imposes on me the duty to instruct myself in public affairs, however […]

The Commodity Money Myth

Frank Shostak wrote an article about The Bitcoin Money Myth. For an Austrian economist with “over 35 years of experience as a market economist, central bank analyst, and builder of large scale macro-econometric models”[AAS profile], I’m not wholly surprised that he frames his arguments using the commodity theory of money.

Although Shostak does not do […]

C++ casting operators

Today in my research, I came across an interesting challenge. I’m editing an older version of JavaScriptCore (JSC), redefining the most basic typedef in the sytem, EncodedJSValue. Previously it was a simple void*, but I need to gift it with some special secret sauce, so I changed it to a struct.

typedef struct EncodedJSValue { […]

Notes: Steps to Expatriation by Ron Yoder

Last weekend (Mar 30th) I took a trip down to a fabulous domicile in Fallbrook, CA to hear Ron Yoder talk about his expatriation to Uruguay. Having already authored an article published through The International Man in 2011, Ron agreed to present information about his transition to a foreign land to the San Diego Casey […]