April 2009
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The Science of Religion

I recently watched this really nice video of a talk given by Andy Thomson at the American Atheists conference that briefly goes over some of the reasons Why We Belive in Gods.

If you don’t wish to watch the video, I’ve recorded the primary arguments below (or skip right to the last bullet for […]

An Infinite Loop in the Economy

I’m not an Economist, but I thought that I’d share a link to a nice article about why we currently face an economic crisis.

The Infinite Loan Machine. An examination of the effect of loan securitization on the fractional reserve banking system.

Loan securitization has become a widely used method for consolidating collections of […]

Philosophy of Computer Science: Boundaries

One of the reasons that I’ve decided to spend my life studying Computer Science is its deep connections with philosophy. Mankind has been asking deep philosophical questions for a very long time, but we’ve been able to chip away at these questions only recently. I’ll review a few more of these connections later, but right […]

Weakening of the Teleological Argument

Wikipedia defines the Teleological Argument as “an argument for the existence of god based on perceived evidence of order, purpose, design, or direction — or some combination of these — in nature.” I’ve always found it a really tough one to battle. William Lane Craig used it in a recent debate with Christopher Hitchens. He […]

Linguistics and Computer Languages

Of course, I would never think that I was the only one to have the idea of studying computer languages from a linguistics point of view. Well, I found an interesting character, by the name of Chris Barker that gave an interesting keynote at POPL in 2004. He’s mentioned in a recent LtU discussion about […]

Hitchens vs. Craig

Yesterday, I attended a structured debate between William Lane Craig and The Hitch held at Biola University. As far as anyone can win a debate where the opponents talk mostly at cross-purposes, I’d have to give the trophy to Craig. Clearly, my belief system is biased towards Hitchens, yet I feel that he did an […]