February 2008
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Weekly Summary of Noospheric Echolocutions

This past week I finished my reading of Mandelbrot’s most recent book The (Mis)Behavior of Markets. I actually didn’t like it that much. I found the book to be especially light on details; for a mathematical empiricist Mandelbrot didn’t actually explain, in unambiguous terms, the patterns that he sees in market data. He did a […]

Enlightened Materialism

I keep finding interesting stuff on this old HD; Here’s a documented e-mail conversation between myself and a high-school friend Jeff Peoples on materialism and the mind. It was dated 2004-04-07 and appears to have been written in response to a missing article titled “Enlightenment” that was itself dated 2004-03-02 [Update 2012-06-14: the missing article […]

Fortune is Fated — a short story

Once a long time ago (2003) I took an English course to satisfy UCLA’s bureaucratic notions that I should have a ‘well-rounded’ education. As part of this course we read short stories, and were required to write a mini-essay each week about those readings. The grading system was arranged such that 1 of the grades […]

Godel and Atheism

I was going through a saved home directory from a HD that died a couple years back, and found this piece, which deserves to be saved. The file it came from is dated Mar 8 2004. (if it looks like crap it’s because I didn’t want to reformat it for the web)

I’ve been dwelling […]

The Designer’s Task

I usually really enjoy having to design a computer application. Lately I’ve been trying to design a multithreaded server that’ll process image frames from a video. Right, that’s MPI, Network and video decoding all rolled into one. Decoding video into an event-driven stream of frames is difficult enough by itself, without having to worry about […]